X-Pat TV 1 was the first of XP TV Global’s TV stations, and is primarily a music channel.

Given our central aim of providing an English-speaking global service, most of the music and musicians we feature are from the UK & US.

Vintage TV and Movies. The best of UK & US drama and comedy from the 40’s to the 90’s.

The first of our new “binge watch” channels. The very best of US TV drama and comedy 24/7

Now Playing: Hawaii Five-O

Coming Soon

Currently under test. Broadcast is intermittent and may be unstable.

A brand new music channel, playing anthems for all, 24/7. Party in the day or dance the night away, Pop World TV is based on popular music artists from around the globe. Whether you fancy a little Madonna to Jessie J, or even High School Musical to the Cha Cha Slide then we have you covered.

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