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How much do you know about our TV shows?

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XPTV1: Talk show host, Harvey Brownstone, is famous for being:

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XPTVUS: Bryan Cranston is famous for his role as Walter White, the frustrated high school chemistry teacher in "Breaking Bad", but in which of our XPTVUS binge series did he play family man Hal Wilkerson?

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XPTV2: One of our afternoon TV series is a 1978 spin-off from one of our other afternoon TV series from 1974, but which two series are we talking about?

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XPTVUK: All but one member of the Monty Python team went to either Oxford or Cambridge universities, but who was the one who didn't?

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XPTV1: Mike Read, who presents the XPTV1show "The Heritage Chart", had a daily weekday radio show on BBC Radio 1, but what was his time-slot?

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XPTVUS: Officer Jebediah Turner in the cop show "CHiPs" was played by actor Michael Dorn. In which show does he star daily on XPTV2?

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XPTV2: The series "Cheers!" spawned two direct spin-off shows (along with crossovers onto many other popular shows of the day). Most of us know that the show "Frasier" was one of those spin-offs, but what was the name of the other less successful one?

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XPTVUK: In series 4 of Rising Damp, one character was recast due to "other commitments". The new cast member was particularly difficult to work with, and Producer, Vernon Lawrence, says he used to shudder whenever that character appeared in the script. Which character was it?

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XPTVUS: In the opening credits of The A-Team, character Templeton 'Faceman' Peck, played by actor Dirk Benedict is startled by a silver suited "Cylon Warrior". This was intended as an "in-joke", but why?

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XPTV2: In the original series, The Saint, the title character was played by future James Bond actor, Roger Moore, but who took over the role in the sequel series "The Return Of The Saint"?

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XPTVUK: In the title role of The Two Ronnies, one of the writers is credited as the fictional "Gerald Wiley". For which comic actor was that an alias?

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Now just a couple of questions about our TV channels... (No right or wrong answers here so it won't affect your score.
1) What is your favourite show on our XPTV Global network?

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2) Is there a show you'd like to see on one of our channels that we're currently not broadcasting? (You're welcome to just say "No" if you think we already have the right content!)

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